Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chuckei's 17th Birthday.

This is the same day with my graduation ceremony.

After the ceremony I walk over to sg.wang and window shopping alone (: Afterward JD came over here and we went to U-Village for chill, meanwhile waitting for my babes come over here.
After they reached.
Liza x Maddy x ViVi


I was super duper tired when I still at sg.wang, because the previous day I slept for 2hours @@
Around 10something we went to chuckei place for belated celebration her 17th birthday!
YuHuuu BBQ!


My lovely girlfriends (:

With the birthday girl! MWAH~


Monicalee Graduation Ceremony.

Finally!! I'm graduated from Monicalee Make Up Academy.
Actually this only 20 lessond but I took about 4months to complete the course. How come? Because I have join back the new class as practice (:
And many people have asked me that why my make up course have finished so quickly? Did you have learn anything in such a short period of time? YES I DID!

Okay, back to topic!
In the Septemper 19th 09, I attend the Graduation Ceremony.
I get my diploma from her Monica (:

Myself HOHO

Ivon x Jessica x ViVi S

and Mandy

with Jessica darling (:

The taller and the shorter

All of us!!


Monday, September 28, 2009


Yea, I get a fringe now! And dyed a drak brown colour!
I've more than a year didn't cut my bang. How was it?
I look younger again T.T

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Helenness 21st Birthday Party! ♥

13th Setemper 09 Happy Birthday to Helen Helenness!

And last saturday we were attended her 21st birthday party at Redsquare@ Capsquare.
There're filled with our friends. I think if we didnt celebrate at redsquar, there should be very empty! HAHA

That night I made a rock hair! LOL

Maddy x ViVi S

Helen's birthday cake! Freaking nice right?!!
The happiest is she get a LV handbag same as the cake!

Me x Leng x Tthe birthday girl

Dorren said need to match me, thence we raised the rock gesture..HA

Cherrie x Evangeline x ViVi x Leng x Jacklyn

Madeline x Juwei x ME

Bell and Leng get forced to up to the table HAHAHA

After drank this she totally K.O !!

when she's cutting the cake we girls shouted out " NO~~~!!!! "

The only picture with helen (:

Myself VIVI