Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Calss ♥ Day Out

Actually wanna update my blog on yesterday night, but I was too tired hehehe
Get into the bed on 2something, but I slept on 4something.

So morning as usual went to the class.
A very bad news for me. . my friend Jeannie was last day in this class, cause she gonna work soon. . so sad! remenber find me yam cha! you had promise it (;
Break time we went to Crystal Jade Meal to have our lunch. Jeannie treat hehehe
she say " the last day and lunch together, so I treat lahh " sound like never meet anymore huh -.-

my friend mandy, from now on she is my classmate too!

After class, date Tom Tom at pavilion.
He said wanna dine with me. . treat me again -.-
sound like many people treat me eat today. . LOL
So we chose the dining place at 代官山. The second time I been here. . .

這干貝湯, 味道很鮮甜 Love it (:

The second I order this 水果茶, nice to test it!

Not very suitable for my taste, is too many tomato sauce


why keep shot at me -.-

Finish our meal then walk around there. . then we decide to catch up a movie. We feel like to watch Coming Soon, but I want watch with my gang lah hehehe
Then we chose Shinjuku Incident ohhh, the second time I watch this movie but it still attract me!
Chill a while at Stratbucks before the movie.

1200 back.

29thApril I need to said Happy Birthday To You, Vincent Wuu! (:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Party ♥ CLUB ♥ Movie

Saturday, noon went out with the babe Chuck & Nana.
And night . . . same same same Poppy again -.- ohhhh, damn bored man!
But we have no other place to go. . hmmm, other club can huh?
We left the party at 2something. Early right? After that had our yam cha session at steven.
So nothing happen need to mention on that night, just a simple party night. (:

On the way. . . Chuck, Na , Vi

After two month photo again Love you so much! My baobei Liza (=

Finally I get a kiss from you again !

Babe Chuck

My Dearest Girls ♥

Sunday, didn't hang out with the girls, cause need to dinner at home. So join them movie at night - Sniper.

Not bad lahhhh. . except Edison the Huang Xiao Ming is very cool too ♥

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Something Happy & Unhappy

Just finish my yam cha session with my mum and bro. Feel like post something here again.

This few week the weather is freaking HOT!
I need to tie up my hair every time when I'm at home. . even open the aircon, still feel hot . .
Rain quickly please~ a heavy downpour! (;

And why today facebook's line so slow huh? I can't log in to play my PetS, Restaurant and Poker!Arghhh . . .
I'm so bored right now!

Good News! Good News!
My baobei liza is coming back on tomorrow, can wait till tomorrow !
many stuff wanna give you (:

Another good news is my hair class will cancel it on tomorrow and sunday *peace*
but it will postpone till 9th,10th May.

Tomorrow going to watch Sniper! (;

I have many feelings need to share. . who should I share it?
I feel very moody sometimes. . . who know?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just went back from sunway mcd.
Today join the new class(make up) new classmate (:
*but I miss my last classmate*

Actually I have nothing to update, but just feel want to write something here.
Tomorrow wednesday, our gang's day! LOL

And I love this song

Leona Lewis - Forgive Me

Monday, April 20, 2009

Party ♥ CLUB ♥ Day Out

Saturday as usual attend my hair class, and I was saw Da Mouth that day at sgwang.
愛莎, 你實在是太漂亮了!
when I'm pass by there, they singing my favorite song - 永遠在身邊
I'm too lucky! And I love this song so much!

Night as usual went to club poppy. Plus that day had friend celebrate his 21th birthday.
So I follow bryan they gang.
1045 I was arrived the club. . It's too early man! how come huh?-.-
Luckily my gang had came. . . or not I will bored till die on there !
no much pic we take on that day, plus I have no mood so!

A club can be so empty, so you can imagine how bored when you're arrive early.

once agian " Happy Birthday Mix! "

Finally they was arrived! with my babe chuck

get a kiss from my nana

Val Val come join

All my lovely girls

***** ***** *****

The next day sunday, I was woke up late! God, didn't attend my hair class ): woke up at 3something
So at noon went out to have my lunch at sgwang with them.
At night movie at pavilion. Nothing special as like usual day.

Friday The 13th It was a cruel cruel movie! All like . . . " ahhhhh~ errrrr~ yerrrr~ " LOL
US again ^^

Thats all for my weekend.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Little Family ♥

Finally chuckei is done. It so cute, love it so much much thanks babe (: muacks

Start form left side:
Nick, Sally, Nana, Huan, Lai, Valerie, Vincent, Daniel
Miau, Chuckei, B, Leng, ViVi, Liza, Kit Zai

Thursday, April 16, 2009

David Archuleta - Crush

Obsessed with this song for some time.
Even though the whole day the song in the player, I'm still feel very intoxicated about it.
It's so touching and romantically ♥♥♥

Why do I keep running from the truth?
All I ever think about is you
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized

'Cause I try and try to walk away
But I know this crush ain't going away-ay-ay


It 0330am now.

Monday 13April 09

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saturday ♥ Night Party

At last saturday, International Make Up Artist from Make up Forever , and he is came from paris.
Had a workshop at my academy, so went back my academy early in the morning. . but I'm still late -.-
After that the workshop continue my hair class. Arghhh . . . . . .

Night as usual went to club - poppy. Not much thing to write, so photo time (:

My lovely bro, long time didn't take pic together d!

Val val


150 +++

160 + +

Thats all on that night, had fun!