Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hennessy Artistry, “The Global Art of Mixing” will mark its return to the Kuala Lumpur nightlife with its third KL instalment all set to enthral fans on September 18. Promising a colourful blend of music, delectable Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks and an expected crowd of 800 sophisticated clubbers, the most talked about party in town will this time, be storming Mist Club, Bangsar.

Party goers can also look forward to savouring some fresh delectable flavours of four Hennessy V.S.O.P’s signature long drinks – Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Ginger, Hennessy Berry and Hennessy Citrus.

On the music front, the Hennessy Artistry party in September promises a never before seen revolutionary clubbing experience through its colourful mish-mash of music artistry and a combination of performers from both local and international acts.

Headlining the night is ZE!, a Malaysian electro-pop singer who has made it big in the international stage, having performed across the globe through her performances for Chicks on Speed, Don Rimini, Mickey Moonlight & Afrikan Boy. She recently released her latest album, “I Am Glam”.

Joining her on the Hennessy Artistry stage is Singaporean extraordinaire, DJ Inquisitive. Besides being a world-class turntablist & battle DJ, he has also rocked clubs and festivals around Asia and Europe, sharing the stage alongside international acts such as Diplo, Steve Aoki, Lady Gaga, The Prodigy, Samantha Ronson, LA Riots and Kaiser Chiefs.

Revelers can also expect to be blown away by DJ Nesh, one of the top DJs the country has ever produced. He has played alongside DJ Fluke and Nick Toth internationally, collaborated with the Teh Tarik Crew and MC Vandal locally, and is currently the resident DJ at Euphoria by Ministry of Sounds. Expect a busy night on the dance floor as DJ Nesh spins tunes that are sure to keep the crowd at Mist pumped-up and moving.

With more than just music reverberating through the club’s walls, Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ is where sights, sounds and tastes find the perfect match. The blending of musical experiences provides the core essence, while Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks provide the evening’s inimitable spirit to complete the distinct ultimate clubbing experience.

A global musical phenomenon, Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ parties also takes place in some of the largest cities around the world which includes New York, Shanghai, Taipei, London, and Los Angeles. Among some of the big names who have performed at these international parties includes, Ne-Yo, Jay Chou, Fall Out Boy, Wyclef Jean, Leona Lewis, Jacky Cheung, and Sammi Cheng. The parties inMalaysia have also been nothing short of impressive. Locally, the event has featured a host of star-studded performers such as Flo-Rida, Fatman Scoop, Shayne Ward, Boys Like Girls, Machi, Lenka, Dominique Tsai, The Ying Yang Twins, and many more.

Passes to Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ is by-invitation only. To obtain invitations to the party at Mist Club KL, logon to
Alternatively, to relive the experience of past Hennessy Artistry events or to receive updates on the upcoming party, visit the official Facebook fan page:
or follow Hennessy Artistry on Twitter:
The party is strictly opened to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only. ID verifications will be carried out at the door.

See you there!
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Ladies On Nylon TV.

Searching some ladies in youtube and I found some ladies in the same show on Nylon TV. I certain that you may love one of them. Let's enjoy the show :)

Kristen Stewart

Megan Fox

Katy Perry

Lindsay Lohan

Taylor Momsen

Nicole Richie

Ashley Bell

Blake Lively

Hilary Duff

Becki Newton

Camilla Belle

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010



不能埋怨, 因為事實是需要獨立了
可是還不能, 因為還沒有這能力獨立

一天三餐都是要吃 日常用品是必備要買的
電話費, 還有什麼是不需要碰錢的? 請告訴


錢雖然讓人頭痛, 而且還聯想了更多不愉快的事
對, 就超愛想 越想越多

沒有轉牛角尖 想的雖是不好的事, 可是全是事實
對, 一切一切都是媽媽離開後發生

她下個月3號回來一趟 能帶些光回來嗎?

因為害怕別人取笑 害怕別人說在裝可憐
沒有寫得很清楚到底發生什麼事 畢竟部落格還是公眾的

夜深很清靜, 最適合哭
哭了 累了 就會自然入眠



Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alexandar Wang x Linda Farrow

The retail price in Musa at Avenue-K is RM2300.
I have one piece available RM1500!

These wayfarer-shaped zipper frame sunglasses by Alexander Wang for Linda Farrow Collaborations are topping fashionista lists all over the globe.
(Just last month, Wang’s success in creating sharp and stylish accessories that belie their casual appearance won him the coveted 2010 CDFA Swarovski Award for Accessory Design.)

Myself with the sunglasses.

Clearer picture.

" Anyone interest please mail me "

I don't sell replica, I only sell original.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Law Na Na 19th Birthday ♥

14th August 2010
This is the second year I celebrated her birthday with her. Still remember last year celebration at hotel? So which year do you prefer babe? However, the most important thing is you happy :D

Okay, back to topic.
Baby law na na 19th birthday celebration at Ecoba. It's located at damaasara, a very far place from kl HAHA She celebrated her birthday two day earlier, her actual birthday at 16th August ;) The theme of her birthday is White! Girls need to wear white on that day.

After dress up and waiting babe leng come to fetch me. Oh ya another thing need to thanks my baby leng leng, because she came to fetch all of us from connaught to shamelin to cempaka to pavilion and to ecoba. Xin-Ku-Ni-Le!

And with my earring.

After reached Ecoba. First picture should be the birthday girl! ♥

After finished our meal, is time to CAMWHORE! What else we can do? HAHA
I with the baby girl, happy birthday to you once again!

Cherrie x Evangeline x Moi x Law NaNa x Leng

Estelle with me! Bye and see again you on next year, will be missing you! ♥

Always my baobei, Lim liza ♥

Jacklyn Gan ♥

Cherrie Liong, you're lighter than me omg! Please eat more!

Baby Jane aka Chuckei

Babe maddy, face is sharp here!

Hoegaarden ♥

Cake for the birthday girl, OHhhh nice cake!

Love pink ballon.

And with the silly face :P

Miki aka Isabelle, this is not the first picture we took okay..

The ladies on that day ♥

The checki babes lovess ♥

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Anyone Interest?

Hair extension, 100% real hair.
Rm45 for one piece

Ready stock: Brown color 6pieces, Black color 4pieces

If you buy 10pieces in once the price will rm400! Rm40 for each!

For more information

Sunday, August 8, 2010

At Night Rock At GreenRoom.

31st July 2010
Yea, the party was held at the last day on last month.
At Green Room @ Kl Live. Green Room is always the best choice to hold a big event :D
And the night rock with The Rapture, D.I.M, Litteral (Lapsap Live Show), Tenderfist with Arabyrd.
I'm still waiting Boyz Noize!
By the way that night was totally enjoyable! Met a lot of my lovely buddy, you know I love that :)

Outfit on that night.
I love my leggings. My mum bought it at japan 10year ago I guess LOL So what? It was current again after 10year ;D

The first I'm very happy that I saw babe maddy! You know I miss you much! You slim down a lots, congrats babe! :D

153cm x Maddy x 5cm

Keiho Ooi, the one who always bully me. I-also-don't know-why -.-

Baby Sin here you are

Caryne Choo

Is me :)

NO SMOKING! A useless signboard HAHA

Slippers FM

Jenna Gong

Lily Yap

Miao Moh

THE COBRA SNAKE? IDK where they got it -.-

Iko Mah, 1kema

Can you see who is behind there?

See clearly!
I touched his beard and I was like " you're so man~ " LOL Just forget about this sentence *blush blush*


Couples picture, ignore the leftmost one. They're fake one *giggle*

Edwin with girls.

Last picture, a kiss for baby sin

153lives a life of peace