Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sun The Set The Bar.

3rd October 2010
Every time when I at penang I sure keep on clamoring my baby sin that I wanna go sunset bar. I just loving there by no reason *wink* So that night few of us went there for chill :) Beach + beer + shisha = GREAT! But weather on that night was bad, when we almost there was having light rain :( However we still had some fun :D

Everyone is doing their own thing -.-

Me on that day.

Since only two of us girls, what else we can do? Cam....whore!

Me and caryne, caryne and me, me and caryne -.- lol

I ate her!

And I kiss her as well :)

Obviously it's took from another camera. Mine one.

Last picture, the white cutey parrot!

153Lives a life of peace

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New new way, Sing-Out-Loud Night.

30th September 2010
Thursday night they decided to let have a sing-out-loud night in Neway. First time been there, nothing special just same as kl's neway. And this is the first Neway in penang at queensbay mall.
So that night was 9 of us in a damn big room. Yeah, we likey! Nothing special to mention, a simple yet enjoyable night :)

Before going out, moi.

Before headed to neway we've our dinner at shake shushi. Yoyo, caryne again! HAHA Took by my little blackberry :)

And here when we at outside neway. Since we're waiting the room so camwhore time! Omg edwin's lumix gf1 is awesome! Wish it's mine :(

So ya, both of us again ;D

Owner of the camera, Edwin.

I love this picture, look like advertising of neway LOL

When we in da room, keep on playing edwin's camera!

Shane Yang in the house.

Again, full of blackberry and iphone.

Baby sin, pinch pinch!

Last, I playing with edwin's camera again. Nice effect!

153Lives a life of peace

Friday, October 15, 2010

Two Couples Chilling In The Night.

29th September 2010
Wednesday night where to go? Supposed to go to club but baby sin didn't feel like going, so we went to Stick shisha *outside Queensaby Mall* with another couple to spend our night. Before headed to stick I with baby sin went Little Cottage to have our dinner. Yea, little cottage again. Second time been there but with different outlet. Environment there are too lovely, so sweet I likeyyy!

Here is the one who don't like to take picture when dinner with me. Hate you!

And here is the one who always like to take picture when dinner with him. Teehee

Fruit juice or soft drink? I always prefer to soft drink COKE!

Mushroom soup!

We can't finished all the food. What a waste!

Here is our next round Stick.
Ambiance was great, but don't know why baby sin not really like the place -.- weirdo!


I shisha and he smoke -.-

Hello hello is Caryne again. We took kinda lot of picture that night. Can't blame, when girls feel bored that is the way to kill our boringness *wink*

My face looks funny!



153Lives a life of peace

Thursday, October 14, 2010

7aste, Voodoo Afterwards.

24th September 2010
End of september I went to penang again. Yea again! It gonna be my second house :) The night I reached went back to baby sin's house and get ready for the night party, 7aste event. First time been there, in fact it was a great event but there're too muggy! Air conditioning around but can't even feel the coldness -.-
So after the 7aste event we have the second round, Voodoo club. A new club in penang upper road. I don't know whether the club is really fun or not, because I was drunk that night. Because drunker will feel enjoyable whenever they been, am I right? LOL

When prepare done, me!

Picture took in 7aste.
Siao ping x Sheryn x Xin Xin x Moi

And here the picture took in Voodoo.

Catherine x Mikeal x Baby sin x Moi x Caryne x Howe

Great night we had :) Party with you guys again on next month ;)
153Lives a life of peace