Monday, August 31, 2009

Genting Night

Hello I'm back to blog ((:
22nd Aug, around 1ish in the morning with a group of friends about 8 cars up to Genting!
The boys went into Casino gaming and the girls sat at Startbucks gossiped & camwhored (:
Okay let me show some photo that we taken at startbucks.

Blogger here except da Doreen
Clockwise- Jacklyn, Helen, Bell, Doreen, Valerie, Chuckei, ViVi S, Leng

Before startbucks I was went into Casino for a short while, it was my first time step into casino nothing special inside there.
6ish in the morning the boys are willing came out from the casino, therefore I reached home 7 in the morning @@

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My sweetie LiYi gave me this..ohh thanks! The packaging is nice,somewhat like burberry HA*

Today stay at home all day, and finished watching one of the series.." 四奶奶, 柴九" HAHA then you should what series is this. I know that I was a bit late to watch this series.. anyhow this is a nice series nice story (:
At night my family and I went to eat Korean Food..Kimchi Kimchi! I miss the flavor so so much =P Bought some snacks and etc etc after having our meal..

Before going back to home we passed by my previous bad feeling was came out, I don't know how to describe my feeling, just know it's unpleasant. A lot of memories..really a lot ):
Okay don't be emo..HMM...
After reached home me and bro went down to the swimming pool area for chill (: A very strong wind are blowing, sitting on the swing..mighty comfortable and relax (:


Looking for a day and I'll jump into the pool HEHE

It's my simple tuesday


Friday, August 21, 2009

Laughing Gor之變節

Ohh yeah thurday night I was went to watch Laughing Gor之變節 It's freanking nice movie! I wouldn't been a liar okay... If you have the free time please take the time to watch it.
At the end of this movie if you have watch the drama call 學警狙擊aka E.U, then you'll know what's it doing.

" 你知點解D人都叫我七哥? "
" 唔知o "
" 因為拒地都話我係二五仔, 所以二加五未系七囖 "
" 甘你二五又二五, 甘你未系十四哥?? "


Party ♥ CLUB

Wednesday night went to Maison for support a friend. We girls seem like didn't enjoy that night.. too bad ): But had meet a lot of friends that night. Before headed to maison, I with two babes and three dudes went to have our dinner.. Yuhuu steamboat again! My favorites Afterward off to leng's house for prepare.. val seem like very happy that she get some new clothes HAHA

myself again

ViVi S x Babe Maddy

ViVi S x Bunny Bunny

ViVi x Babe Leng x Miao Moh


With Babe NaNa


Thursday, August 20, 2009


Claire's the third album has finally launched, I love her sounds it unusual and nice (: I Love her songs since her 1st album<我不想忘記你>, and I love her began from this song-我不想忘記你.
Please support her



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday,NANA BABE ♥

Saturday night was celebrated LAW NANA's 18th Birthday at Federal Hotel.
Wish you're happy everyday and hope you'll like the present (:

Okay let back to the topic, before headed to federal hotel we all gathered at leng's house.. around 11pm ish we just starting off to there. We girls seem like very excited because we can gather in one place*peace*
Although a very small room, but I like hehehe

I like those pic took from Sniper

they abandoned me ):

girls take pic are very trouble one..LOL

All babes (: muackz

Many people cann't imagine that is 8..why huh??

Cake-cutting session
Hap Hap Hap Happy you

half gone..nice cake^^

BaoBei - ViVi x Liza

ViVi x babe Val

Jac x Vi x Val x Na

time to open those present..'s winnie the pool carrying a small box behind that..

it's Gucci Scarf from her dear dear..

Around 2am half of the ppl gone..left some of us there..

I love this pic (:

Act pro kekeke

my lovely cam..
But it was not good I care it,I know I am a bad owner ):

with the sweetie birthday girl -NANA

ViVi x NaNa x Leng

Sweet Couple!!


I know I'm tiny @@

Long long time didn't take picture with you,several years ago..
since I'm still 16year old??

my masterpiece HAHA

Finally maddy is free to take pic...

The last pic, and the nice pic ^^

Guess what.. some off us had stay there till morning 8something LOL they said "vivi you so geng loh..looks so tiny but very Ding Dek" cause my face still look so vitality HAHAHA
So 8ish we left there and walk over to sgwang's Bak Ling Muun had our breakfast. Very good experience LOL
10something reached my sweet home..when I opened the door my bro said " only you come back a?!" YEA LOH! And bb also wonder why I so early send him a message..HAHA
After remove my make up straight away lying on my bed- Pig Time..woke up at 6pm something..