Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Club. Penang

24th April 2010
Penang again :P Night went to penang upper road- One Club. I can't get the high mood till the party end -.- Why? Okay nevermind, at least still get some alcohol into my stomach :)
Before going

Caryne and I

QinLee and WeiQiang

Us again :)

Took by my cam.


The last picture and I love this. The first time *kisses*

153Live a life of peace*kisses

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Baby's new house almost complete :D I think his dad quite into this kind of light, because I found a lot of nice light in his new house :) Lets check it out!

I love this! Can I get one into my room?

Awww! How was it? Nice right? Still got a lot of light in his house but I can't took the nice angle. Ohh ya, the second I like the most is the karaoke room WAO!
Full stop here. LOL

153Live a life of peace*kisses

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nice Picture Night.

22th April 2010
Went to Maison that night and celebrated Taizi's birthday.
Before start the post please look at this. Looks delicious right? Is cooked by my brother! Curry with beef, potato and prawn = perfect! Anyone want to try it? Please come to my house next time :P

Okay, before headed to maison. :)

Have been an ages didn't step into maison. Fucking packed and hot that night! I can't stand it anymore :( But luckily we still enjoy with take picture :) I love chuckei's baby rich!


Obviously it's took by my cam :(

153 with 170. Muhahahaha!

The last picture :)

Didn't upload all of the picture cause it's too many. Okay gtg! Bye stay tune ;)
153Live a life of peace*kisses

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random :/

Lets see this pepper sauce, so mini so cute right?! I get this when I delivery the domino's pizza. Awww so cute cute! Just forget about my nonsense :/ HAHA maybe I just want to show off what a cute stuff I get -.-

Yesterday I went to pavilion for catch up a movie. End up we watch this Shutter Island.
I believe everyone isn't unfamiliar with him right? Yea, he's Leonardo Dicaprio. The leading man in the movie of Titanic. He's really old. Ops! I should not to say that. He's become smart and man compare when he in the Titanic movie!
Before I saw the trailer it's not attracted me at all. But after I watched, it's a nice movie than I imagined! I would like to rating 4 star :)

Me in yesterday with light makeup :)

Before end the post I would like to introduce two song.
Theme song of the hong kong tv series 鐵馬尋橋

LMF new song 數治時代

153Live a life of peace*kisses

TV Series.


這部戲是講述顧家和榮家的恩恩怨怨. 榮家的一家之主榮德(林嘉華飾)在二十多年前殺害了顧家三個人. 這個恩怨就在二十多年後的下一代們幫他們上一代死得不明不白的爺爺,二奶和爸爸報復.....
這部戲真的非看不可! 太棒了! 從第一集開始就緊張到最後!!!

這次飾演唐白虎跟以往不一樣. 這比較風趣!

就是一句“今天你會遇到一生最重要的人”的星座運程紙條,就把賣魚佬馬俊偉(飾池一寶),玩具店售貨員楊怡(飾蒸糕)和玩具設計師謝天華(飾官星皓)扯進了一座被緣分支配的迷宮裡追追逐逐。 到底在最後誰會和誰在一起呢?



身世可憐的關詠荷(飾連雙春)被逼賣身嫁入關家做妾侍,不料丈夫意外身亡,大婆米雪(飾汪若嵐)受刺激變得傻傻。 直到郭晉安(飾馬永禎)來到佼佼鎮故事就這樣開始了...


故事講述吳卓羲在某一天掉進衣櫥裡然後就穿梭時空回到了他爸爸年輕的時代. 故事就是這樣開始了... 可是到的結尾真的無言很明顯還有續集雖然有時還蠻無厘頭不過還蠻好笑的

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Miss Yellow In KL.

Dj Miss Yellow in KL Mist Club.
If you've always watch the hong kong tv series you should know who is she. She's 黃泆潼 a.k.a Miss Yellow, she's an actress and also a DJ. She always act like a gossip girl in the drama but she's so cool when she's doing her DJ job. It's entirely two different people!

Lets back to the party! I was drunk that night OMG! Thanks HUNA take care of me HAHA!
Samie & Nana

Okay I'm really drunk @@

Bumped into PY! She was drunk than me -.-

Juwei Toeh



Lets see her cool style :)

Which DJ is the next coming to kl? Steve aoki again?! 12 wootz wootz!
Stay tune :)

153Live a life of peace*kisses