Saturday, January 30, 2010

Penang / Eat Eat , Play Play

17th Jan 2010
After Mr.Sin came KL for 3days with some penang friends and before back we headed to OneU for their last station. Afterward I followed they back penang as well

OneU @ Plus One ShabuShabu

I went penang for one week again Teeheeee! A lot of friends like to ask me " Had fun or nice play at penang? " HAHA! I really don't know how to answer it. At first I went penang not for a trip and the main point is meet my mr.sin. I meet him and not for going anyway to play or trip, we're just like usual couples going to dating or just stay at home. But it's really fun and happily cause I was stick with him :DD

20th Jan 2010
I'm so forgetful and even forget to bring me eyebrown pen and make-up brush! Arghhh..! Therefore I specially went to prangin mall and bought a new eyebrown pen, damn waste! Afterward we went to Leng Dou Hua!

I love this so damn much! Dou Fu Fah with coco and jasmine flavor :))

At night went to Station1, I heard QL said this is the first station1 at penang! Serious huh??!

I love this game 321 jump!

21st Jan 2010
Night decided went to catch up a movie at Queensbay. Before movie had my dinner at here TOILET! Nowadays I believe that there're a lot of people know this cafe, because recently there are opened at

We watched LEGION. I would rating it 3star! Yea, is only 3star cause it's not really nice at all. Didn't even know the movie need to narrate about what. *disappointed*

22nd Jan 2010
Was plan going to Sunset at night, before that me and mr.sin headed to Mizi Bistro at new world park. Nice restaurant :)

At last I can't finished it, ops sorry baby!


Sunset here we're! I love Sunset Bistro so much! Becuase it's beside the beach, nice environment and nice atmosphere :))
Order a jug of Tiger Beer and a can of Cola. I love to drink Cola recently and no reason with it HMMM..

23rd Jan 2010
Saturday party night, I told mr.sin that I wanna go to MOIS. HAHA finally he did it to me :))
Mois is enjoy than Opera seriously! Then you can imagine how suck is there! LOL

On the way.

XiaoFang x ViVi x WanYong


& Mikael

& Kenny & Fang

After party, photo with baby :))

And moi!

Thats all I spent a week at penang. A happy week I passed! HEART

153 kisses*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Time-lapses shot over 5 days in Dubai with the Canon 5Dmkll, 7D and Lumix GF1. Music is by Clint Mansell from " The Fountain " Dedicated to Sky Vassar. Shot by Philip Bloom!

It's very inspiring, perfection, amazing! And what else I can describe it? It's indescribable! After you watch you'll find out the feeling. Stunning work!!! *clapping*

153 kisses*

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

《Love Mi鄭秀文世界巡迴演唱會》2010

真的在我預料之中, 她今年真的來大馬開唱! 好興奮好開心! 不知道媽咪會否陪我看呢? 還是有誰想陪我去?

精彩演出: LOVE MI 鄭秀文世界巡迴演唱會
日期: 2010年3月19及20日(星期五及六)
時間: 晚上8時正
地點: 雲星劇場

繼2008年兩場''滿堂紅''的演出後, 香港樂壇天后鄭秀文的魅力旋風將於2010年3月19及20日晚上8時正再度卷雲頂劇場. 瞪違兩年, 4度在雲星劇場開唱的鄭秀文為回歸大馬歌迷, 把雲頂名勝世界列為巡迴演唱會的第2站.
喜歡鄭秀文的歌迷們千萬別錯過! 請趕快購票, 3月19日的演唱會票價分別為RM100, RM160,RM220, RM300和RM410; 20日的票價則是RM110, RM180, RM250, RM350及RM480. 首1000名購票者可享有20%折扣(VIP票位除外); 雲頂環通卡會員及大眾銀行持卡者也可享有10%折扣. 有意訂購門票或查詢有關演唱會詳情, 請致電03-2718 1118或瀏覽


Saturday, January 23, 2010


售賣地點: 台北東區, 台北士林, 台北西門新宿
*每一件T-shirt後面都有一個玄機, 就是那五顆星. 那是Queen背上的刺青! 但是她背上的刺青是彩色的, 這個是黑白色只是做了一個像徵說這些T-shirt是她設計的有她的標誌, 五顆星.


線條T *它是以一堆不規則的線條編織而成類似一個網子


骷髗頭 *它是用一些pic就是彈吉他彈片pic編織而成的一個骷髗頭, 下面還有一個閃電. 這件後面也有一個玄機, 除了五顆星之外它下面還有一個用星星組成的字就是SMACK QUEEN


*幾時進攻馬來西亞? 應該不可能吧?