Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday, Perlis.

24th July 2011
Sunday, family day with Sin's family. Sin brother was suggest to Perlis. So ya, here we go! ☀ First time been there, I just wanna to say Perlis is just so PEACE. A lot of paddy I can see, it's so hard to see in town. No no, is impossible. LOL

On the way, gonna start our journey :D
Before headed to Perlis, we went to butterworth to have our lunch, Yam rice 

Hello Perlis! Didn't take much picture in perlis.

Night at Teratai Putih Restaurant & Resort to have our dinner :)

Me love colorful's flower ♥ ❀✿

8something headed back to Penang. Honestly, we're not really that satisfied with this trip. Next trip Hatyai better ☑

Anyhow me and baby sin still satisfied that what we've bought :)
We found a boutique that selling a lot of Liverpool's old design jersey. And of course he get one of it and the legend Kenny Dalglish's photo LOL

And what about me? Not clothes, not bag, not shoes. Is a baby Casio. You see the picture you know.
HAHAHA! So cuteee right?! When the moment I saw it, I was like "OMG, you're mine!" Friends saw it they were like "yerrr, so cute! Why the size is so small" HAHA

153Lives a life of peace

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