Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Moment Tired body

25th Oct 09
Woke up early in the morning and off to pavilion around 11something. Brother went to Good Fitness did an hour of gym and I was sitting at starbucks there online :) Afterward we have our brunch at kopitiam. Finish that we walk around there meanwhile to wait Azelea to pick us up!

3something we reached Hartamas and walk over to a shop, there're selling genuine goods of brand but is cheaper than outside shops. Sound good right? HAHA! After they get thier new stuff we went to IKEA. Have been an ages I didn't go there. I like thier furniture! Around 8something we went back to pavilion and have our dinner at Shakea Shushi, back home at 11ish. I was extremely tired cause walked the whole day plus didn't sleep well at the pervious day.

26th Oct 09
Awoke at 12something and went to Maybank cause I need to application an account, but then I didn't get it @@ Went back home and prepare myself, off to pavilion around 3something with mummy :D We have walked in a lot of shops but still can't get any nice boots. 6ish brother came to find us then we went to sgwang a while. Night me and mummy dinner at The Ship as my birthday dinner, brother didn't tag along cause he's went to sing k again. Went back home at 10ish! Was pretty tired again.....

countdown 2days....
Tomorrow and tomorrow should be a happy day! :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sing Sing K.

22nd Oct 09
Date with baobei liza :D
Intend to watch movie or sing k, in the end we decided to go to sing k. There're three people in the room but only two girls are singing there! HA

8something they going back and I went to TS rum to find the else. Afterward went to Korea BBQ to have our dinner. At night actually plan to go pj there yam cha but cancel and it's still early so we decided to catch up a movie WHITEOUT! A nice movie seriously.

countdown 4days...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Buddy Huan's 19th Birthday!

18th Oct 09
Buddy Huan's birthday held at Kuchai Lama, Seafood session! I love seafood :D

Bunny x 153



ViVi Soong x Law Na Na

I love this!

countdown 8days....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday To U !

20th Oct 2009
A very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely brother U, Yew Soong!

This year is your 21st birthday!
Although there is not a solemn celebration, but still hope that you will enjoy that night!
I wish you as soon as possible to success your job! :D

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Love Love Love.

7th Oct 09, They are attended A Cut Above Saloon opening party at Bangsar.
My lovely mummy Adeline Seow and borther U.

9th Oct 09, going out to get back my laptop and he's going to the show at TS.
U & V

14th Oct 09, dating with babe maddy and meet baobei and daniel lim a while at sgwang. Brother came to find me after his haircut. Spent a lot that day! OMG!
ViVi S aka 153


Friday, October 9, 2009

The Last And The Last Day.

27th Setemper 09 The sixth day in penang!
Woke up early in the morning, boyfriend need to work and I need to accompany him again. After arrived the shop and ate my breakfast. After that I fall asleep on the sofa, I slept till 3ish then turn to my boyfriend sleep. LOL!

Took the random picture when he's sleeping there.. and online to spend my time.

That day was the last day for us at Queensbay Showroom, because it's closing on end of setemper 09.. BYE!

The next day, need to say byebye to my darling again )': ILOVEYOU


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Party At SS.

26th Setemper 09
Went to AutoCity. It's my first time been there, a lot of cafe and restaurant around there. We chosen BED for chill.
Next time must going there again to try other cafe!
After BED we went to Slippery Senoritas aka SS club. Inside the club is pretty hot and there's not fun at all! But then we still enjoy ourself (:

TO Arthur!

SS Club
with the pretty Shann (:


YangYang Lim,

I with the special one *:

Deff x JD



张永森 张永森,生日快乐 !!

哈哈 我没忘记吧 !!

祝你19岁生日快乐,或是3岁生日快乐 !

怎么样,过得怎么样 ?

新爸爸和妈妈都有帮你庆祝生日吧 ?他们都很疼你吧 ?

要乖乖噢 知道吗.

Always Miss You ! (:

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hard Rock

The fourth day was went to Penang's Hard Rock, live band! Damn enjoy! =D
Before going to hard rock I dinner with his family afterward went to Haagen-Dazs to have some dessert (:



Picture in Hard Rock
Xiao Fang (:

Jacklyn (:

My QL (:

Hello Shann!! (: