Friday, November 25, 2011

20th Birthday Bash. #2

Due to Thailand is having serious flood, my birthday trip to Bangkok was delay :( So sad. But anyhow, I still pray for Thailand, pray for Bangkok. Everything is over real soon!
Therefore I'm decided to celebrate my birthday at Penang, in last minute. Luckily they're still managed to attend my dinner :) Just a simple dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.
By the way, I'm the first time celebrate my birthday in Penang and also with my penang friends :)

 Their food was really delicious! Yumms!

My ladies in penang  Caryne x Lee Hoeng

Due to baby sin was not feeling well, so after dinner we went back home. Few picture of mine before end the post :)

And before I get into the bed, I saw this. Cause he know I can't go for second round cause of his sick. Silly baby HAHA

Finally I'm 21 in next birthday! :D 

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mushroom said...

have a happy birthday~^^ said...

Happy Birthday! I love how you do your eyeliner ;)