Friday, August 20, 2010

Law Na Na 19th Birthday ♥

14th August 2010
This is the second year I celebrated her birthday with her. Still remember last year celebration at hotel? So which year do you prefer babe? However, the most important thing is you happy :D

Okay, back to topic.
Baby law na na 19th birthday celebration at Ecoba. It's located at damaasara, a very far place from kl HAHA She celebrated her birthday two day earlier, her actual birthday at 16th August ;) The theme of her birthday is White! Girls need to wear white on that day.

After dress up and waiting babe leng come to fetch me. Oh ya another thing need to thanks my baby leng leng, because she came to fetch all of us from connaught to shamelin to cempaka to pavilion and to ecoba. Xin-Ku-Ni-Le!

And with my earring.

After reached Ecoba. First picture should be the birthday girl! ♥

After finished our meal, is time to CAMWHORE! What else we can do? HAHA
I with the baby girl, happy birthday to you once again!

Cherrie x Evangeline x Moi x Law NaNa x Leng

Estelle with me! Bye and see again you on next year, will be missing you! ♥

Always my baobei, Lim liza ♥

Jacklyn Gan ♥

Cherrie Liong, you're lighter than me omg! Please eat more!

Baby Jane aka Chuckei

Babe maddy, face is sharp here!

Hoegaarden ♥

Cake for the birthday girl, OHhhh nice cake!

Love pink ballon.

And with the silly face :P

Miki aka Isabelle, this is not the first picture we took okay..

The ladies on that day ♥

The checki babes lovess ♥

153Lives a life of peace

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