Friday, November 25, 2011

20th Birthday Bash. #2

Due to Thailand is having serious flood, my birthday trip to Bangkok was delay :( So sad. But anyhow, I still pray for Thailand, pray for Bangkok. Everything is over real soon!
Therefore I'm decided to celebrate my birthday at Penang, in last minute. Luckily they're still managed to attend my dinner :) Just a simple dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.
By the way, I'm the first time celebrate my birthday in Penang and also with my penang friends :)

 Their food was really delicious! Yumms!

My ladies in penang  Caryne x Lee Hoeng

Due to baby sin was not feeling well, so after dinner we went back home. Few picture of mine before end the post :)

And before I get into the bed, I saw this. Cause he know I can't go for second round cause of his sick. Silly baby HAHA

Finally I'm 21 in next birthday! :D 

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

17th November.

Today is 17th November 2011. Guess what?? I've been staying in Penang for a year! OMG! Time flies!

有聽錯嗎?有看錯嗎?有寫錯嗎?沒啦!真的是一年了。時間過得真的很快,茫茫然然的在檳城就過一年了。其實也沒有啦,我也有努力勤奮的工作了快一年,只是上個月開始比較輕鬆了。就最近自己開始在網絡上售賣衣服,做個小小的老闆娘這樣。請多多支持我噢 >>> 1 5 3 Shoppe



口頭上選二十年的,可是心卻放下不了快三年的。 。。

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Say YEAH !

Yesterday, is my baby sin's big day, didn't have any celebration for him. You know, guys don't really like to hold any celebration. Yea, my baby sin is one of them. He doesn't like, simple as usual, that's all -.-
So at night I went to attend an event dinner "Dreams Made Real" with his family. A wedding showcase & dinner at Traders Hotel, Penang. And guess what? We won in the lucky draw game!!! OMG! I still can't believe it!!!

Free hotel at Sentosa, Singapore AND ShenZhen, China!!!
This will be our next year's trip!!! And baby sin's best birthday present ever!!!

1 5 3 Shoppe has updated some new goodies! Check it out! ;D

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Phuture Par Par Par ty !

23rd October 2011
Not forget to party when I'm back to KL :D Saturday night, Phuture. 

I've no idea why we doing this pose, lol.

Great to see my baby jane :D Since when she's addicted to club huh? HAHA

And miao miao, so nice to hugs :D

Whose pose?

Hi, my long-time-no-see friend! Titus Ting!

So glad that she doesn't broke our promise! It's been an ages I never club with her!

Hello QiQi! Lets dance again :p

Hello Edwin !

And weiwei, forgot to congrats you!

After that, went to W.A.W for supper :)

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Friday, November 4, 2011

20th Birthday Bash.

I'm officially 20 now :D Am I look like 20 year old? I know I look younger than that :'( HAHA
Picture taken before the dinner, at pavilion :)

Btw, I've the suck birthday celebration ever! Due to the bad weather plus all my plans failed ,down to the max! At last we decided to House @ G Tower. Fortunately their food was delicious, or not I'm going to crazy  :/

No guys are invited in this celebration, only few of them, my baby girls 

My gorgeous baby liyi aka euness, know her since I'm 16year old :D

My baobei Liza, know her since I'm 16year old as well :D

Babe Madeline aka Maddy, know her since I'm 17year old :D

Baby Leng, know her since I'm 17years old as well :D

Baby law nana, know her since I'm 18year old :D

The famous baby jane aka chuckei, know her since I'm 16year old or earlier if no wrong, but our first talk at 2008. LOL
And not forget about you, BUNNY! Know her since I'm 17year old too :D

We got free shots from them. Awww!

Cheers ~ !

Another free shots! Yeah! But it taste yucks! LOL

Happy birthday to me ~ ~ ~

Last, with all my baby girls 

Thanks to my baby girls, I love the pressie and everything  xoxo

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1 5 3 Shoppe

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