Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jane Lau's 18th ♥

15th September 2010
Omg I'm so slow, because everyone has uploaded about Jane's 18th birthday celebration! And I just start to upload now.
Finally she's legally 18th! Yeah! So now waiting for 21st? LOL
Her birthday bash was held at La Risata at Ampang. Everyone is searching for the place, because most of them don't know where the located of the restaurant. Smart brother, he search the locate at google map before we going ;D But still we missed the intersection once.

It seem like only girls are attended the party, because you can see no boys are in these picture! LOL

They said I dressed like air stewardess on that day. Do you think so? But I likey!

Do I look tall in this picture? *eyes rolling*

Here we're :D

Miki change-face-speed thumb up! HAHA

While waiting our meal.

After finished our dinner, gossip girl time and camwhore time! Girls love! ♥

ViVi x Liza x Miki x Leng ♥

With two pretty, Doreen x Jacklyn

Yeah, I with the birthday girl! Happy birthday once again Jane! ♥

153Lives a life of peace

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Day In August.

15th August 2010
September is going to end and now I post a day in august LOL because I just got those photo from LimLiZa!
I totally forgot what we did in the afternoon, but I still remember what we did in the night. We went to Mahkota Chears for steamboat as our dinner and shisha at Riverside after that.

She said she looks not good that day, where got! *slap*

Acting cute or what? _____________________________ Love the pink nail color.

We love shisha :)

The one who always annoying, KitZai.

The cute one, Estelle. She living in a lovely city, Paris!

See ya again on next year, take care! :D

Three of us

153Lives a live of peace

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Bonnie!

8th September 2010
Happy birthday once again bonnie! But I used to call her boon hui, because when I knew her I called it. I've know her for 3years, since 16years old HAHA yea, we've changed a lots! I mean our dress up not heart :D
So she held her birthday party at Sri Cempaka Hotel. It's located at Jalan Pudu Ulu, just behind PGRM. As usual, celebrated her birthday one day earlier :)

This is her! May your birthday dream come true and stay pretty

Her birthday cake, handmade by joan! *clap clap*

The ladies on that night.

Hello, long time no see! My second secondary school classmate!
Suki aka Pei Yu

Erica Chew, we used to call her miss ku when last time in the school. I-also-don't-know-why -.-

And her Joan Ng! The most a lots picture I took with her on that night LOL

And the new friend Crystal, she's pretty.

Joan made it, nice?

Again :P

Great night with few of them
153Lives a life of peace

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Wild Lazy Tour!

The LMF @ Lazy Mutha Fucka held a little concert at Malaysia's KL Live Center on 4th September.
This is the last time they performed on stage in malaysia with the whole team *If no mistake* So who are their fans, how can you miss the last concert!
I listened the song- 1127 and I knew LMF. So thats mean I was 10years old I knew them, omg so young LOL They impressed me much, because their lyrics are with some foul words. It's sound like bad but no doubt, their lyrics are very meaningfully!

So let's back to topic.
Baby sin and me suppose not going that day, but the day before he last minute decided to go. And fortunately we still manage to buy the vip ticket :) I know if he doesn't attend the concert he'll regret. Because I know he love them, he knew how to rap their song very well :)

We went off to KL live about 8. And we wait for so long for them to come out perform. Plus I was faint, due to empty stomach and drinking beer :( But after LMF came out *spirit!!!*

Here they're!!! Wootz

Omg, ah wahh!! What you said are totally right! Sleep is best of the best *giggle*


Here the video I record that night.

Lazy mutha fucka, you guys are awesome! *thunderous applause*
153Lives a life of peace