Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Bonnie!

8th September 2010
Happy birthday once again bonnie! But I used to call her boon hui, because when I knew her I called it. I've know her for 3years, since 16years old HAHA yea, we've changed a lots! I mean our dress up not heart :D
So she held her birthday party at Sri Cempaka Hotel. It's located at Jalan Pudu Ulu, just behind PGRM. As usual, celebrated her birthday one day earlier :)

This is her! May your birthday dream come true and stay pretty

Her birthday cake, handmade by joan! *clap clap*

The ladies on that night.

Hello, long time no see! My second secondary school classmate!
Suki aka Pei Yu

Erica Chew, we used to call her miss ku when last time in the school. I-also-don't-know-why -.-

And her Joan Ng! The most a lots picture I took with her on that night LOL

And the new friend Crystal, she's pretty.

Joan made it, nice?

Again :P

Great night with few of them
153Lives a life of peace

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