Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yesterday I took my laptop to low yat, cause had some problem. The mic was like... I don't know how to explain.
When I was playing video call with friends they heard my sound like chicken little HAHA very funny one!
So my friend said if want repair it wanna wait around 1month! God, 1month can't wait for it lah! I buy a new mic more better -.- right?
And night went to sing k with my bro and his friends, sing untill 12am. I can say it was very tired!

And today finish class at 1something. wow! Because have some people wanna went to the NAZA Car Show to make up. So finish earlier. After finish ate our lunch then back home d.
Tomorrow no class, yeah~ and I need to go grave *grandpa i miss you so much*

It was yesterday make-up, I Love this makeup so much

my lovely classmate *Jeannie*

and here *XueLi . Joann*


Tomorrow 1st April, Fool's Day lol. . . . .

Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour

Come on! Lets do it together on tomorrow (;

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Raining Day

Since yesterday night raining till today noon. . .
Good good, nice sleep for me hehehe

Wanna find some 1970' makeup pictue for my course, where can find it huh?
help me please . . .

O ya, yesterday night went to watch movie - Marley And Me

nice moviev it was(; At the last cry cry cry. . . hehehe
still got much movie want to watch. hmm

okay nothing to post, BYE !

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I'm waiting for this drama . . . yeah
*These are my favorite actor* especially 余詩曼 ♥


本劇特色 : 以唐朝后宮為背景,道盡女人心事心機. 女主角劉三好, 卻憑籍的三好精神在復雜的后宮鬥爭中, 熬得出頭天.

故事大綱 : 三好和怡本是宮中的一對金蘭好姐妹,身為小宮女 , 聽受差遣. 當時后宮有四位尚宮把持. 包括負責美食的司膳, 刺繡華裳的司製, 掌管陳設的司設以及主理首飾的司珍. 四人為爭權上位鬥爭不止. 無辜的怡和三好更成為替死鬼. 三好無論受幾多苦難仍堅持其三好精神,掙紥求存. 但受盡欺淩的怡卻立心報復, 一次趁侍奉皇上時暗中色誘. 終成為貴妃. 三好憑其巧手靈心坐上最高尚宮之位. 然而二人同握權勢之時, 好姐妹的關係卻破裂, 原來二人竟同時鍾情一宮中侍衛. 怡要刑罰四司. 三好都以德報怨, 力保四人. 怡竟藉機迫害三好...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Already March now, time pass so fast huh...
Since last saturday night finish the party, until today what i'm doing this few days huh?
Actually nothing special in this few days..monday,tuesday and wednesday same as usual went to the class.
You know i'm learning make-up, so each lesson must practice makeup GOD! my skin gonna spoil soon..and how many skin care and mask i wanna to use it huh? So I have to redouble efforts to maintenance of my skin now!

Yesterday was a BAD DAY for me! Again and agian! Please stand my side and understanding my feeling k??