Monday, June 28, 2010


Korea and England was out of the FIFA World Cup 2010. So sad! Especially korea :'((( Support you again after four year ^U^
I sure a lots people are discuss about last night match, which is england vs germany. And who's the england supporter will certainly keep cursing the referee.

Can you see the ball? It's over the line but the referee was cancel the goal WTF -.-!!!

Okay, still have Argentina, Brazil and Spain :))

Picture took on 17th June 2010 at Penang, when on the way to RED.

153Live a life of peace*kisses

Sunday, June 27, 2010

搖滾保母 Rock Baby

拍連戲劇 我喜歡 (/≧▽≦/)
因為可以看她說話動作. 是不是很變態? 哈哈哈
雖然這才有5集 可是還是大力支持! ! !
看來馬來西亞是沒有播放還是dvd的吧. .
所以呢 我已經在youtube看完了 (\^-^/) 嘻

导 演: 王传宗 郭春晖
主 演: 魏如昀 饰 筱瑜
杨文文 饰 韵如
马幼兴 饰 至凡
类 型: 偶像剧

『代理孕母』是一場科學的冒險, 可能孕育出不可思議的人性溫暖,而生命的沿續,帶領一家三代超越生死、人性、音樂的隔閡… 『搖滾保母』要告訴大家,人生不會一直兩全其美,但人生會因為缺憾,讓人找到惺惺相惜的伴~

星光幫魏如昀演出 帶來創作的新作品

請輸入 搖滾保母ep.1 pt.1/5 就可以觀賞第一集囖 ❥❥❥

153Live a life of peace

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Christina Aguilera – Bionic (New Album 2010)

克莉絲汀Christina Aguilera新專輯終於出爐.
這張專輯和她以往的音樂風格有大大的不同轉變, 唱法和曲風和她以往的完全不一樣.
這張專輯錄取了很多勁快較像夜店的歌曲, 不過當然還是有兩三首屬於她的歌. 怎麼說是她的歌呢? 不就是她拿手的勁爆聲音和那充滿力量的聲音囖.
雖然這專輯她嘗試了新的曲風, 不過我還是喜歡她以往一直以來的曲風!
怎麼說都好 還是支持她! (\ ^o^ /)


1. Bionic
2. Not Myself Tonight
3. Woohoo (ft. Nicki Minaj)
4. Elastic Love
5. Desnudate
6. Love & Glamour (Intro)
7. Glam
8. Prima Donna
9. Morning Dessert (Intro)
10. Sex For Breakfast
11. Lift Me Up
12. My Heart (Intro)
13. All I Need
14. I Am
15. You Lost Me
16. I Hate Boys
17. My Girls (ft. Peaches)
18. Vanity
19. Monday Morning
20. Bobblehead
21. Birds Of Prey
22. Stronger Than Ever

想知道她新曲風? 快去下載來聽聽吧!

153Live a life of peace*kisses

Friday, June 25, 2010

Nike Football Write The Future.

I think everyone have been watch this commercial in the cinema, I mean before the movie start. If you haven't watch before let me share it with you now :)

This's the Nike commercial and for the FIFA World Cup 2010. This must be the best commercial in a while I guess.
Best advert, I love it! But why don't have Lionel Messi :(

153Live a life of peace*kisses

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I miss HER and HIM.

I back from penang on monday night. Yea I miss kl and I miss my home :)

And guess what? I cried when I on the way home.
I'm happy because finally I'm back to home, I can see my lovely brother and dinner with my beloved daddy but I can't talk to my mum face to face.
I stop crying when I arrived home. Put down my luggage and walked into my bedroom, I closed the door and I look around my tears dropping again..
3something in the midnight I clear up all my stuff and wash and get ready to sleep. Lying on the bed and bbm with baby.
And.. my tears dropped again, I'm crying in the midnight. I told baby in bbm "the bed is so big, my mum not sleeping beside me and you too"
After I said goodnight to him I looked at the ceiling... tik tok tik tok tik tok.. I'm thinking a lot of things.
I realize that I'm too rely on my mum, I need her to help me do a lot of thing. She suddenly disappear on my life I still not used to it, I still not an independent girl I need your help mum..

Mum, I miss you so so much, wish you're beside me right now. But then I still wish you enjoy your life in australia.

Although mum not take care of me now, thanks god that I still have my brother and Mr.Sin. Only both of them can cheer me up, especially mr.sin. I wish you'll with me all the time cause that's the only way I'll forgot my mum.

Thanks brother for bringing to movie just now. At least I won't stay at home and think a lot of bull shit thing. By the way brother doesn't know that I'm sad and I cried. IDW TO LET HIM KNOW. Thats all.

Goodnight guys, it's 0423am right now.

Maybe I'll laugh when after a period of time I view back this post. Laugh why I rely my mum too much. Maybe... who knows..

153Live a life of peace*kisses

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Full Of Food.

Hi I'm here update again.
Today is Sunday, a peaceful sunday again. And I gonna say Happy Fathers Day to all lovely father and you, Dad :) Wish you have a nice day still. Just 12ish I went to celebrated fathers day with Baby's family and his father birthday as well. Happy birthday uncle :D

Okay lets back to my post today. All about food *slurp slurp*
6th June 2010, at Pavilion Ichiban Boshi *It's located at food court* I start to love there :) There have nice food, price ain't expansive at all. The most important is there have a lot of choices of food.
See what we ordered, I can say baby and I love beef much.

This is chicken.

Another day at 8th June 2010, I have tried the Shimino at pavilion a new Japanese crepes It's delicious than what I expect. Taste good and not too sweet *thump up* I want to eat again next and next time!

It's located at 5th floor, near GSC there.

There have many flavors can choose!

And I chose this flavor strawberry chocolate ice-cream with topping? I not really remember the name, but I remember is number E. HAHA

Okay, another day again at 12nd June 2010 that day was at penang already. That day suppose to watch movie but end up dinner at Friday and watched the FIFA WorldCup football match. I realize that Friday was a nice place to watch football match ;)

I love their mushroom soup!

Myself on that day :)

This time to end my post. 153Live a life of peace

Friday, June 18, 2010

Phu N Zouk

5th June 2010
It's about last and last week. Saturday night I went to Phuture with Mr.Sin, Eucca Soong, ManMan Taan :) Supposed to go to Barsonic but since there're no people there, so they closed it.
It was the first time I party with three of them. No doubt, we had fun still :) Thanks to alcohol.

First time start with me :)

ManMan Taan *Don't be sad anymore smile :)

Vivi Soong x Eucca Soong

Baby Sin

Sometimes some of my friends will get shocked "Why vivi will so close with this boy huh?" LOL It's really Laugh-Die-Me! Don't be shocked okayy, he's my lovely brother Eucca Soong.

Ohh yaa, we meet Edwin there. I love this picture although your eyes aren't on the cam.

Went down to zouk in last minute.
Outfit on that night *lovess

He lovesss*

And me again :D

Last picture,
I love your warm hug, it's really warm me up when I felt cold. ILY

153Live a life of peace*kisses

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It's on 4th June 2010, I know it's a late late post HAHA
Baby came KL on that day, so at night we headed to Riverside for beer time and shisha time. I was the first time been there. Nice ambience I LIKE! Sitting at the outdoor and beside the river *So it called riverside LOL* Pretty nice chilling place and cozy. Will going there for the second time :)

Here I am :)

v ManMan Taan

Three of us in the toilet. ManMan x IkoMah

Before we left guess what we saw?



Taadaaa! Two swans. There're so beau-ti-ful!!!

I was the first time so anear with swans. *glee*

Ohh yaa, I forgot to captured environment there ish!
153Live a life of peace*kisses

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Red w Short.

Hey guys, I'm here again. Oh ya I'm at penang now since last thursday :)
So in a peace sunday I and baby just stay at home. I adjust my blackberry thing and updating my blog and baby playing his ps3. Later with dinner with his family again :)

Another changing, my hair again! I'm totally short hair now.
I told some of my friends that I won't be short hair before I get into 21st years old. But... I'm short hair now LOL Didn't regret at all! :D
Such a long time I didn't have a short length like this. Let my think when was the last time I had this length hmmmm, yea when I still studying in primary school. LOL
Again everyone ask "Why you cut your hair again?" or "Why cut till so short huh?"
My answer here is I'm in love with short hair now! I had a very long hair last time thats why I won't heart pain when I cut my hair now. So thats the asnwer *wink*
Short hair easily to wash and blow-dry. HAHA It's save a lil bit of my time when I prepare to go out :D

Lets see! Dye to red color. Oh yaa I'm in love with red color as well. I mean hair color :)
So how do you think? Nice huh? Tsk tsk tsk

It's obviously red when took with flash. (w ManMan Taan)

And it's took on yesterday, by my lil berry :)

Thats all. 153Live a life of peace*kisses

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Crap and Wishes.

12th June, Happy birthday to Daddy!
Sorry for late, I mean this post. I almost forget about it because of the football match damn! Fortunately I still have manged to wish you before 12am :D
Sorry can't accompany on your birthday in this year, wish you have a nice day. You know I love you :*

Okay, world cup start on yesterday. Every mamak or any place have television and show the football match sure full house HA! I'm not a football fans but I'm a world cup fans. Hmmm, should I say that? HAHA Lets get panda eyes after a month LOL
So guys which country you support? I support Spain, Argentina, Brazil, England, Korea. Are you same with me? If yes than give me five! Tsk tsk tsk

153Live a life of peace*kisses

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sammi 《信者得愛》(國語)MV

信者得愛 MV in chinese version is release! Rap part changed to MC HOTDOG. I still in love will the cantonese version but in love will this mv :)

Spot at her chanel's ink!

Please do it on your arm!

Sammi's Mandarin new album 信者得愛 CD+DVD will be release on end of june! Stay tune!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's about last month. MAY

Mummy left us on last saturday, I miss her badly! I feel without something when I step into my house :( I miss her voice and everything. Stay happy mum

28th May 2010
After knock off date with two of my lovely and edmund.

Mum look pretty here :D

Had our dinner at Friday :) What am I looking?

Pinch you!

After that not to forget catch up a movie Prince Of Persia. Thump up! Everyone should watch it.
Thats all for our happy family day :) When is the next time? :'(

31st May 2010
Sing-K at Green Box. Chuckei was here but she left earlier.

Due to less updating my blog recently, I feel that I have nothing to write my brain was so so blank. So sorry about that. Stay tune guy :)