Friday, July 29, 2011

Liverpool Week! #2

16th July 2011
Match day, Liverpool vs Malaysia XI in Bukit Jalil! SO EXCITED! Not driving to bukit jalil on that day. Reason one, JAM LIKE HELL! Reason two, we don't know the way to bukit jalil. Best choice, take LRT! We got some experienced, people are singing Liverpool's song in the LRT. And some people are telling the passenger "only liverpool's fans can in the train" LOL. "Next station Bukit Jalil", they're like, no~ no~ no~ should be Anfield :D




Baby is so excited!

Sin brother and his girlfriend, ops, should call fianee now :)

They're here! Training a while before start the match.

05:45pm, start!

See, Full house! There're 87,000 people! It's more than 2010 World Cup Final 84,490! Wootz! Liverpool Rock!

Goodbye my love, hope to see you soon 

That's an awesome match I ever watched! Love Liverpool, You'll never walk alone 

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Liverpool Week!

Finally Liverpool's post is here! :D
13rd July 2011, Baby Sin and I went back to KL. Such a long time baby sin didn't back KL with me. However he went to KL the reason is just one, LIVERPOOL. I knew he love liverpool so much, and I, influenced by him as well. You ask me, am I watch football? I'll answer, yea, but only world cup. But now, I'll watch Liverpool's every match *If the time is not too late*. I knew their name, their legend, their history, their enemy, their every news. Thanks to Mr.Sin. LOL. Besides that, I spent money on buying Liverpool's stuff. OMG I bought their T-shirt. OMG Can't imagined that I'm in love with a football club. LOL. Who else is Liverpool fans? Hellooooo ~

So I've been to the Liverpool training session, didn't take any picture, due to I forgot to bring my camera! Ish, what a waste! There are 37,800 fans in Liverpool's first ever training session! A lot of people right?!

Look at this microwave, oh no no no, it's a television. An antique!

15th July 2011
Shopping day! Before that lunch at U-Village. 

Ham Yu Fa Lam Bou!

Shop shop shop, took a rest and having Snowflake :) He loves.

Anfield Road in KL? And inside a shopping mall, Pavilion? Therefore we walk over to pavilion to have a look.
Walk through the Shankly Gates..

Big jersey!


Reveal Liverpool's great history.

Touch the "This Is Anfield" sign. Why touch it?


Me love Meireles 

Can I steal this jersey?

Love Liverpool, You'll never walk alone 

Night dinner at Empire's Rakuzen with Sin sister and her husband :) Afterwards yam cha session with my beloved girls :)

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

12nd July 2011

Obviously I'm rushing to update my post. HAHA. Updating my blog everyday now. Good blogger right? HAHA. Wait for my Liverpool's post okay? HEHE
Xin Xin was celebrate her 21st birthday in Black & White. Black & White night again! Told ya, we can be the vip there :p Beer beer beer.

Hello QiQi :D You teached me a lot, I mean the double C. lol

My penang partner :D Caryne Choo 

Happy birthday Xin Xin 

My big baby boy 

Lee Heong 

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