Sunday, May 31, 2009


Friday night went to pavilion with Liza, Leng, Madeline and KitZai.
And accompany them dinner at Carlos. . I didn't take any meal there, cause I had my dinner at my house (: Babe Ming gave me ate the oyster. . it's delicious why not appreciate it huh?
Finish that just walked around there. . and accompany babe leng to buy her skincare.
M.A.C have new product!! I want the lip gloss )*:

Pic pic when we at Carlos. . .

A small dishes for me LOL

Stupid ming and liza hahahahha

Thats all ♥♥♥

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hi, I'm here agian (:
3something went to my mum place to had my brunch. . my bro cook the ABC porridge,, so yummy!!
After went jusco with my mum to bought some daily necessaries.
here some snacks I bought,, it seem not enough for me hehehehe

ohh yaa,, some movie I had watch recently. . .

yesterday watch Terminator Salvation,, it's not bad for me. . . ★★★
I still wondering the world would be like this one day. . . *CHOI*

monday watch ICAC,, I can say it's a good movie! It's a true story in Hong Kong in 1963-1973, about the cops corruption . . . and it funny too. Recommend!! ★★★★

This movie I watch with my bb Night At The Museum 2,, quite nice and funny too. . but I haven't watch the first.

BB ♥

OHHH,, I miss my blog so much. . seem quite long time didn't update my blog. . yea, it's already one week.

Last week thursday till sunday, 24hour I had been stick with my bb HAPPILY

Thursday, I was wait my bb at Rum, and bb arrived KL 2something.
After having our lunch at oldtown with miau and lai, we wait val and daniel came over rum here. .after accompany they had their meal at shushi king, and went to shopping. bb seem like so bored when me and val were enjoy our shopping time LOL
And night with the boys go cc . . ya,, the boys need dota -.-

Friday, woke up at 1something I think, after prepared and off to pavilion. It's the time for two of us Pak Tuo hahahahaaa
Went to Dragon I to had our brunch * Xiao Long Bao is really delicious man! *
5something went to watch Night At The Museum 2. After movie went to Sakae Shushi ate again.
And night decided went to Sing-K at neway, with my gang too! Long time didn't sing-k together d. . .
oHHH,, my bb voice is not bad right right right??? LOL miau, you wanna challenge with him again huh?

Saturday, after woke up with my bb had our brunch near by my house's cafe. . after that stay at home the whole day. Night bb went dinner with his sister, and I cook maggie by myself )= hahahaaa
after bb came back, my mum meet bb. . LOL I was keep laugh after that. . cause I know you're nervous that time. . . hahahahaaa
Night went to poppy,, seem like long time didn't step into poppy. . . actually just few week -.-

Sunday, actually bb was back penang on this day. . but delay to monday hehehehee then at afternoon went to KLCC with huan, na, leng and bee.
11something went to xxx cafe yam cha LOL I forget the name
after that the boys went to Dota again. .

Monday, bb was back penang ):

I was very appreciate that time with you. . so when I can hug you and kiss you again huh?
after 2weeks? 3weeks? 1month? or 2month?
I MISS YOU so much ♥♥♥♥♥

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Untitled, just need to update some happy matter right now.

The first I need to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely Mum!
you know I love you so much right? muackzz muackzz muackzz!!!

The second I need to tell is my bb come kl on tomorrow! ohhh,, miss you so much!

The third is today after class hang out with my gang. . quite long didn't hang out with my gang like today. . the same place we had Pavilion. LOL

night went to movie - PUSH
It's quite nice I feel,, but some will thinking what it doing there. . . hahaha!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OMG, I cut my hair short!

Finally I went to cut my hair . . .
how how how? not bad right? LOL

no more long hair, and the most long hair BYE!

BB on the phone hahahaha

Happy Birthday, Two Buddy ♥

Happy Birthday To Titus & Welfred
18thMay and 19thMay

Just back from their birthday party, just a smal party LOL eating, chill, photo . . .
some photo here

Monday, May 18, 2009

Penang ♥

Already how long I delay my penang trip post . . 1week hehehe
Finally I update right now. . a long post, no actually a long photo post . .
I don't know how many photo I was post, just keep press Browse and Upload Image LOL
Seriously, I'm very lazy to upload about it . . . cause it's too too too many photo I need to upload here -.-
okay, just back to the topic.

Had a Penang trip with my gang for 2 nights 3 days, at 8th,9th,10thMay.

8th friday 5am in the morning move off to penang.
we reached penang after 4hour plus . . . huhu ~ finally we reached!
9am there.

some pic went we just arrived penang.

good morning

First went to have our breakfast near by the seaside.
after that went to cheak in at Malaysia Hotel.
And of course took a rest at the hotel first . . . cause we all didn't slept last night .
but still have some were poker-ing there -.-

After taking our rest, we woke up get prepared. . and went to our first shop Gurney Plaza
and then Paranoid find the penang friends . . . shawn and ah wai


on the way . . .


night we went to the famous food stall . . . it's beside gurney plaza, and had our dinner. we order a lots . . .

second round went to COFFEE ISLAND.
and I meet my baby there^^

After coffee island, me, nana, miau and lai had the third round with the penang gang. Had to mois area.
and I was the frist time went into mois club.

after that went back to our hotel, and the penang gang came up too . . .

The second day . . .
went to the Tanjung Bunga Beach.
OMG, I love those picture . . . it's so nice nice nice!!!!
Love the sunshine so much much
we just non-stop to taking picture.
before out . . .

see! miau and Bee carzy again. . I just put 3 here.

We reach the beach!!! here we are . . .

I keep laugh when I saw this photo

Jump Jump Jump!!!

on the way back to hotel.
me and babe ming at the car. . .

Night, party night . . . LOL MOIS MOIS MOIS!!!
with the penang gang too!

Miau Moh


Caryne 1st time I meet her^^

1st time meet you too, but so sorry I dont know your name LOL

Babe Nana

BaoBei Liza

Babe Leng

Babe Val

Babe Madeline

with my bb, too bad he dont want photo with me. .

Caryne took it stealth. . LOL

The third day . . . and also our last day at penang.
after cheaked out and off to Kek Lok Si for eat the Asam Laksa. . .
Delicious man! I miss it so much!

All enjoy thier meal

chao chao

finish our brunch went to queensbay, and it was our last shop at penang too . .
at penang we still can't miss our startbucks moment, hahahaha

after that I with my bb the and boys walk around there. . . sorry left my girls thereT.T
you know I don't wish it one right? forgive me. . . hehehe

Lai why so serious? just a game... hahaha

kacau again -.-

okay the last pic here. . .

around 8pm I think we move off back to KL. . .
and reach my sweet home 12am.
yea, I was very enjoy those days. . .although it just 3day.
I miss the time at penang with my gang.
And I miss my bb too T.T
When have a plan like this again? miss it! ♥♥♥
ohh yaa,, finally I done my post. . . I know is a bit chaos, sorry ^^"