Tuesday, September 27, 2011

5 Ladies To The Beach ☀

(Lee Hoeng's post title is 5 girls to the beach HAHA sorry for copy, I know you don't mind :p ) 
23rd September 2011
Sunshine Friday, 3 ladies to the beach and with 2 ladies dog. An excited plan that we've decided on the previous day We planed to go out at 3something, but end up we went out at 5something (  ̄ .  ̄ )

p/s: My sunflower earrings from my mummy, she bought it N years ago. HAHA

Outfit of the day.

With Kiwi, I've fall in love with her! ♥ She's so adorable!

My shoot, likeyyy ♥

The background was too bright, we seem like walking to heaven. ↗↗

Run run run!

Last, is me again. Long time no see my lil canon. ☆

153Lives a life of peace

Monday, September 26, 2011

Merdeka Eve 2011

30th August 2011
We've plan on merdeka eve! Party at QE II, DJ of the night - DJ Xu☺ I'm excited that my buddy from KL, they're in penang, so 

What's happen?

Awww! ❤

After party, what's for supper? You know, I know. HAHA! Is La Mei Zi! Due to they wanted to try :)

153Lives a life of peace

Monday, September 5, 2011

Should I?

Hello, it's time to update my blog. I was thinking to change my blog, due to I've created a new email account. It's bother me to use two email account. Thence, I might create a new blog in next month.
Since that day I lost my blackberry, I felt like to stop everything, I mean my facebook, twitter account. But not my blog HAHA. Thus, should I? Should I create a new blog? Should I stop playing my facebook and twitter? Iphone can you launch quickly? I've been lost connection from the social network, and felt so dead to live without a smartphone 

Photo taken on 11st August 2011 when I went back to KL. ✩

And below those photo was take at 17th June 2011 in Mist Club. ✩
Yea, is JUNE. Babe law na na just uploaded those photo on yesterday. Outdated picture! ↘↘ HAHAHA

153Lives a life of peace