Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lim Li-za's 22nd Birthday ♥

11st April 2011
A week holidays in last last week, went back kl to spend my holidays :) That day when I arrived kl, liza came to pick me up from Hentian Bus Duta. What a first time! I'm sorry to let you waiting almost an hour! But anyhow I'm glad that you came to fetch me mwah! 
Before the day we're discussing where to celebrate, and the last decision is Luna Bar. Before that I need to thanks whatsapp, it let us to keep in touch in every moment ;) Since six of us are busying with our own personal things, thus we can't often to meet each other, so we share everything in whatsapp. Even when I O Si-ing LOL I know I'm disgusting :p

Okay, let's back to topic. Me after prepared in Liza's sweet home :)

Luna Bar in level 34. I been there once, environment there was really great :D

We reached earlier, yeah camwhore time :p Her big day 

Outfit on that night, another lovely boots that bought from HK! And the legging :)

Baby jane's hair looks great!

Ohhh my bunny! Long time no see! So sad that I only can meet you for a day SO SAD! :'(

We love bunny 

Moi :)

The one I always heart 

People thought we're lesbian when we start close to each other LMFAO By the way it's been long time ago I heard it :D

Baby Leng's makeup is so pretty that night :)

A fruity cake we ordered in Luna Bar, so yummy 

Love you baobei, happy 22nd!

We really gossip hell a lot in a night :p I wish the night wouldn't end :( It's so hard to gathering since the day bunny flight to Sydney to continue her study, and I move to penang for a period of time. The next gathering will be in 2012? I mean just six of us :'( I treasure our friendship ♥

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Friday, April 15, 2011


9th April 2011
We always plan to have some drink in Overtime but in the end we always changed plan or canceled. So that night we all have no idea where to go, thence Overtime is the choice ;) This is the first time I visit Overtime environment there was great but that night we all seem a bit boring there. We reached on 1something on left on 2something. Can imagine how bored we are HAHA

Baby Sin drove his dad's new car out and went to fetch all of them LOL

We wouldn't that bored if we have poker card to gamble.

The always-late couple LOL

Camwhore to kill our boredom.

Since it's still early I with baby sin and slipper fm went to have supper at Keat Claypot Bak Kut Teh. This is how I spent last saturday :)

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Saturday In Straits Quay

2nd April 2011
After Dart Addicts the next day we've planed to have a chilling session at Straits Quay, plus that day was my day off so why not? Since Straits Quay is opened, I was been there for once in the night time. I love Straits Quay so much environment there was so great! Their building is so british style, it looks classic in the morning and become so romantic in the night time. Now onward when you visit penang, must go Straits Quay to have a drink, no matter it's early morning or night time ;D You will not regrets!

Do we look like we're on vacation in somewhere? haha

Chilling in Startbucks.   Lee Hoeng x Moi x May x Caryne

After taking picture with iphone4 and webcam afterwards. Girls like ;p

Sitting there almost 3hour plus, sky was turning dark and mosquito become more and more -.- Post gonna end with my picture again yeah ^^ Iphone's camera is love.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Dart Addicts ➳ ➳

1st April 2011
Hell ya! It's April fool! The night before april fool boyfriend got phunk! LMFAO! And the next day I got phunk in the early morning! ISH!
Night we went to a place called Dart Addicts. Ambiance there was great, they're playing some jazz song and some relaxing music :) And ya, you can play dart, of course you need to pay it. But it's so cheap! Like you pay rm10 you can play it almost half hour and more? There're many types of game, thence rm10 you can play for so long ;p

Let's see the environment there!

The design are simple yet nice.

Here is the side we love the most

Here we are :D

Nice background, teeheee!

Baby sin

One of my favorite picture!

Self picture.

Nice place to chill. And I was addicted with dart now! :D

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