Friday, July 31, 2009

Party ♥ CLUB

Thurday night went to Redsquare & Maison.
12something we reached Maison..we thought Redsquare just behind Maison,so we walked over there..
Dim Ji............
We walked almost 2km only reached the place@@
you know we girls wearing heels.....
My leg totally broke!!Blister on my feet the next day.
1something we went back to maison.It been an ages I didn't step into maison,it's nothing changed.But reduction of the crowd seriously.

myself, after prepared.

bunny bunny


Not much picture we take that night.But still have a little bit fun. HA*


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Two BABE ♥


Jacklyn Gan & Madeline Ming

Wish you two have a happy days and safely everydays (:
Just a simple blessing to you two babeee ♥

Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton Putipanda

Takashi Murakami’s “Putipanda” features a colorful design over both a large-sized plush toy as well as a smaller mobile phone charm.

Again " SO CUTE!!! "

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Make-up ♥ Fashion Show

Yesterday woke up at 8am, after prepared and headed to my academy.
I had a little bit excited, because I need help models to make-up for the Malay Fashion Show.
While I arrived the first make me glad was I saw Dear Jessica! *HUG* And mandy too (:

Around 12something those models gradually added, about 12models.
2ish I think, all of the models were finished make-up. I helped 3,4 models make-up (:
After that we walked over to opposite the hotel for helping those models touch up.

Some random photo here. .

backstage environment

Me & Jessica

Me & Mandy

When they wore heels, I really don't imagine that they're really so tall!!! *ENVY*

Around 4somthing the show were successful conclusion (:
We had a little dessert before we went back to academy YUM YUM

And now I need to show some FUN&UGLY photo to you guys.
This fake teeth decay.

Guys, Please cut down on smoking!

Non-stop to laugh on it!

Due to Mandy's bf haven't came to pick her up, so after we clear up all of the make-up stuff we went to Coffee Bean had a our yam cha session (:
What we did there? Yea, gossip! Girls like to gossip HEHE

Mandy just like a promoter, keep promo her company's products - Benefit
But luckily I love benefit at all, so I'm interest to heard about it.
And thanks the free gift yaa mandy^^

And of course we had took photo while we at Coffee Bean! HA

We love this photo so much! Because of the sunshine!

4 OF US (=


Mandy again!

Around 6pm, mandy's bf had came pick her up. . left 3 of us there.
Okay, the last pic here. . .

We stay more 15min something we left . Cause it's time to back (:

YEAH~ I was enjoy the day!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

1 2 3 4

Thats only one thing to do three words for you ~


Just a simple's 1234, can also turn it into very marvelous. I love this sentence, simple and meaningful. (:
*It's from a lyrics*


Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami - Panda

Do all of you have seen before the Kanye West x Takashi Murakami Golden Bear sculpture? That comes in a Metallic Gold.
Now Murakami has gotten back together with one of his long time collaboration partners, Louis Vuitton, to create this Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami Panda figure. The figure comes in a LV bag, similar to the ones that hold all of their wallets and bags, only this bag comes with a few Murakami images screened onto it. No word on if this collaboration collector’s item will be released, stay tuned

*Shout loud*

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


" Why penguins are black colour from the whole body, except in front of belly are white colour? "






" Because of it's hands very short, so when it bath can only wash till it's belly! "

It's funny right? Can you imagine if penguin really because of it's hands short, so when it bath can only wash till it's belly, so when it bath that moment are freaking CUTE!!!!!!!!
If you don't feel any funny or cute please don't blame me. . ^^"

Just simply want to share it.

Party ♥ CLUB

Saturday night planed to poppy with my gang, since they've a firend just back from China.
Have two weeks I didn't went to club haha
Hmm. . there is nothing need to mention, so picture time (:

ME & Babe Leng

Me & Miao Moh

Vi & Lena & Daphne

ME & Babe Val & Babe Chuck

my face suddenly become so red @@


6 Of Us

Daniel Lim & ViVi Soong

He's WENG!!! lol


After that all group in HnS lapak. . Weng was teaching miao and daniel some stupid word from ViVi magazine -.- And miau moh with vincent wuu played the Siong Tong -.- wth???
I saw back the video LMAO!!

Lapak till 3something just left. . then went to Steven Corner for supper.
At there Daphne keep said Cold Joke to us . . . LOL
actually quite cold,, but the Penguin are very funny man! XD

Almost 5 in the morning I just reached my sweet home @@