Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Recently I heard and I knew some friend problem in their relationship. Sometimes I honest to tell them something I felt or I heard, doesn't mean I'm heartless to tell. I just care enough to tell them the truth. Sometimes I thinking not to tell, cause it's their relationship problem, not mine! But I chose to tell it's mean I treat you as my real friend/babe, I don't want to see my friend get cheated and being s*hai. (Sometimes I chose not to tell) If you want me to shut up, I do :)
I always say everything has been plan by god, or I should not say god, has been plan.You'll regrets once, twice, and more.. don't make yourself to be so stress :) this is life :)
(This sentence should not be out from my mouth, cause I'm the one who always think too much and Zuan Niu Jiao Jian ^^")
I think mine is better than them, but not prefect! At least not involve with flirting,chatting or whatever about girls! I need to appreciate I know :) 

Okay! Don't be so serious in this post :D 
18th May 2011, a day off, hanging out with baby sin :)
This picture was too bright! Can't even see my nose. But I likey! My eyes look nice, teeheee! And do you realize that my hair is getting longer?

Tiger and leopard day :D
Bag - H&M, blouse - local store, legging - Hong Kong, Shoes - Topshop

Necklace and the leopard bracelet given by baby law nana :)

Headed to Queensbay Mall for little shopping and movie. I always plan what to buy when I'm bored. Oh gosh! When I can stop thinking about this?! I need to save my money! Money, can you just be friend with me? What a silly sentence -.-

I said I'm hanging out with boyfriend, but where his picture? Why my boyfriend doesn't like to take photo? I know I always complain about this :(

This post is full of my pciture, is time to end with my smile :)

153Lives a life of peace

Friday, May 20, 2011

♥ 1st May 2011 ♥

Harlooo, today is 20th May = 520. So I gonna upload my 2nd anniversary post :)
Everyone like to celebrate their anniversary or birthday in the evening, but we've something different that day. Due to his liverpool match playing in 7pm so we've our little celebration in the afternoon :) Not bad tho, I quite like the feeling :)

We chose Bella Marino, it's located in Straits Quay.

My meal, salmon again :p

His meal, he keep complain why the food are so little.

And ya, not more than 10minute I finished it LOL

Shirt - X-large
Jeans - Uniqlo
Bag - Gregory
Shoes - Vans

Top - Hong Kong
Skirt - Topshop
Bag - H&M
Heels - Hong Kong

I think my face look a bit pale.

Coincidence that day was having some trading stalls.

So niceeee!

Went to Mr.pot for watch Liverpool match :) Order food again since we're not feeling full at all after having the meal in Bella Marino.

My lovely big rose ring from aussie :D

How can I without take picture with him after home, yea girls love :p

Simple yet memorable celebration. Not desire any big surprise, it's enough that you're beside me the whole day ♥

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All You Need Is Juicy.

Forgot to share this to you guy! Pressie from USA! A bracelet from Juicy Couture. I've went to check out the branch in pavilion, but there is no this design :D Thanks baobei liza ♥ I love this so much. I wearing the pink one and she wearing the black one :p

And another souvenis, Naraya bag from thailand! This kind of bag is in everywhere in malaysia, I mean the fake one, LOL! Thanks again, I've the blue one, you've the black one :D

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

H.A In Voodoo

Before start my H.A post, in 14th April 2011, had a last minute plan to Green Box with my darlings manman and steffi.

28th April 2011
Hennessy Artistry party in Voodoo.

Red blazer from H&M. Friends thought it's from topshop, sorry not. The price in topshop is rm350++, I can get 3 in H&M! WTF!

The party was so BORED! We left in 1ish and went to La Mei Zi for supper :)
Obviously I'm just trying to show up those picture LOL yes I am. Nothing to mention and I'm so tired, cause of working for full shift these days.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

It Has Been 730days.

Time flies, we've been together for 730days. We love each other for 730days. And I've stay with you for 5months plus. Anyhow I still need to say is just two words "time flies" !
In beginning some of my friends are not really that consent we're in a relationship, due to we two are knowing each other from website. So I gonna tell you here YOU ARE WRONG! :D And I believe the words "Love At First Sight"

Thanks for asking me the question in 1st May 2009, otherwise I would lose a memorable love story. *Can you thanks me that I giving you a great answer, otherwise you would lose a memorable love story? Haha*
Thanks for loving me, although I've a lot of defect. Millions of I Love You for you, Baby Sin  Kheng Lee ♥ Happy 2years Anniversary 
Can't wait for next 1st May in 2012 ;p

153Lives a life of peace