Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post On 2009

Today is the last day of 2009, time flies really fast tomorrow will be a new start and start from 1st January 2010.
2009 was my first year after graduation, after graduated I went to learn make-up. After completion my make-up course I'm mess about untill now, quite waste time huh I need to get a job on 2010 it for sure!
In 2009 the most saddest thing were happen on me is I need to separate with one of my lovely darling he's my daddy! I'm totally brokenhearted! Although we're no living together now but you're still in my heart forever and ever, no matter how I still loving you to the mix! I love you Daddy! MWAH.
And the happiest thing is I'm in a relationship in this year! Sounds good right? But unfortunately we're long distance, however our relationship are very stable. Tomorrow 1st Jan 2010 is our 8month together I love you Mr.Sin QL!

Lastly my wishing here,
First to my family DAD, please don't drink too much beer and take care of your own health, wish your business are getting better and better. MOM, although end of the year you're robbed but thats means your bad luck are gone and the good luck are coming on the new year! Don't sad anymore me and brother will beside you all the time! BRO, still the same wish you success your job sooner, I'm waiting those branded bags HAHA!

Second to my Mr.Sin QL, treat me more well and love me more, hope we can accomplish our promise *I mean our one year anniversary plan* you know? I'll love you till next year don't worries :) Remember don't drink too much soda drink you know what will happen again right?MWAH

Third to myself, I hope I can get a job on next year and it will be my stable job as well. No wasting time anymore I hope I get do it!

Lastly to all my dearest buddy, hope you all are health and safety all the time!!!
對朋友的心不需要時常都掛在嘴邊, 也不需要時常說討好的話, 只要把他們放在心裡只有你自己知道他對你有多重要就好了.

Happy New Year. Happy 2010!
Say bye bye to 2009 and say hi to 2010!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Party

25th Dec 09
Wei Qiang was arrived KL therefore afternoon we headed to Mid Valley. After meet them we walk around and went to a Japanese Restaurant to have our dinner I think LOL

Before night we still planning go MOS or other place.. and our last decision is Euphoria @ MOS
DJ Steve Aoki was at KL and spinning at MOS that night

Outside MOS, with Caryne agian :)

Inside MOS, all were crazy like hell. Jump jump jump and jump *Including me LOL*

After party... sorry Mikael that we made you hurt SMILE okay? HEHE

Was a very great Christmas party I spent on these two day!
Here is Steve Aoki video that I record ENJOY

Christmas Eve

23rd Dec 09
Mr.Sin QL came KL with those penang buddy! Around 5something I go to find mr.sin and we went to Aloh eat Ma Lat Pan Mee afterward walk over to pavilion movie, AVATAR! Mr.sin accompany me watch once again HEHE
A freaking nice nice nice movie! I wish to watch one more time or more than that Really hope that there will be a place Pandora, and I wish I could go there. At night the color around the forest, what a wonderful and holy place there are!

24th Dec 09
Christamas Eve, before the party at noon we headed to and pavilion to get some stuff. Thanks Mr.sin
It our new member, Fei Mao 肥毛 HAHAHA cute right?

Night party at Barsonic @ ZOUK

Huan x ViVi

JD x Caryne x ViVi x NaNa

Mr.Sin QL x Miss ViVi Soong

Great night! I'm gonna drunk that night but luckily in the end I'm tipsy status

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Red Color

Hi everyone, Christmas party end and New Year party coming soon. I had a very very great christmas party on this year, alcohol two day at night and spent with the different buddy and first time with boyfriend! Will update my christmas party post very very soon...
Some photo take with the Cola can... it's Taiwan's Cola! So cute that's why I bought it


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Daniel 18th Birthday

19th Dec 09
Happy Birthday once again to you Daniel Lim! *He need to break his virgin who can help him?
Yesterday was attend to his birthday celebration at bunny's new place. Bunny new place has a very nice environment! Especially the wash room is surrounded by glass. Therefore if there are guests to visit, newspapers need to paste the whole glass, or not people will see you're urinate or bathing when they pass by.. HAHAHA!


you look sleepy wewii!!

Grils with the big big boy! Take 1

Take 2

and take 3! C.L.O.T -.-

Boys said " here is better than genting's casino "

Keng Sing x Tom x ViVi

I love this, can you lend it to me?