Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Second valentine in our relationship, but it's the first time we celebrate valentine together. As you know last year valentine was in first day of cny. Thence, everyone need to stay at home and some couples *like us* we're far distance, so we can't meet each other in a short night just for a candlelight dinner. We missed the last year ones and this year I've lived in penang, for sure we MUST celebrate in this year!

No pressie in this year, but he did something really surprised me!
Let's see!!! Ta daaaaaaaaa! 
Candle with love shape and design as a love shape ♥

Here are another candles around the room. I love this candle so much♥

We simply searching for a restaurant Strada Caffe for our V's dinner.

And I received a bouquet roses. Listen! This is the first time I receive followers. Thanks baby sin!

By the way, I don't really like the design of the flowers. I hate the bear bear in the flowers LOL
My vanlentine's day was great. Everything I need to thanks my baby sin ♥
How's your V's day or single day?

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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Yesterday night went to watch Burlesque movie. And now I was addicted with it! I keep on recall the story in the movie, the dancing part, the funny part and the part that Christina was singing. The movie was awesome! Storyline was good! Songs all are great! And Christina Aguilera was totally look gorgeous in the movie! I wish to watch again or again?
Some picture in Burlesque movie.

Girls, you will love him in the movie :)

So ya, when I went back from the movie, I straight online and download all the songs that appear in burlesque movie. Let's enjoy ;D

Something's Got A Hold On Me

Welcome to Burlesque

Tough Lover

But I am a Good Girl

A Guy What Takes His Time


Haven't Seen The Last Of Me   ♥ this

Bound To You   ♥ this

Show Me How You Burlesque   

The Beautiful People

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

年 Chor 四 年 Chor 五

由於工作的關係 所以最近開始有點懶惰更新部落格
好啦 回正題 年初四 去了大伯的芽菜場拜年 那地方真的很遠遠遠 累死我了


這個大鐵門 可是給我們當成哈哈鏡了

附近有山水 冷冷的水好舒服

我還記得上上一年的新年 我竟然不小心把我相機掉進水里 哈哈 當時場面很好笑
所以這次去 我們手裡頭的東西都抓得很緊 哈



年初五 和哥面君約會

Sushi Zanmai享用午餐

Cheki's picture

很簡單 很潦草的更新 不好意思啦 真的很懶惰

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

年 Chor 二

明天是年初九囖 開工囖 ( ╯0╰ )  以往的年初二 都是回媽咪的娘家 由於媽咪現在不再KL, 所以我們也沒回去  我很想去的捏 因為那裡的紅包都很多( ╯︿╰ )  沒回外婆家 所以晚上就到姑媽家吃晚餐 每年都一樣 初二全部的親戚就到姑媽家吃晚餐 熱鬧噢 
新年我也沒什麼特別的事情要提 就上傳些照片好了

和面 她說亮亮拍出來效果好漂亮 所以照片都很白 哈

自己在自戀中 ╮( ╯3╰ )╭   

晚上 去接男朋友到姑媽家 哈哈 第一次和這邊的親戚見面 我知道他很害羞.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

年 Chor 一

哈囖 哈囖  今天是年初六了 更新部落格囖 ( ^ ◇ ^ )
大年初一, 是時候說恭喜發財新年快樂給所有的長輩 !! 由於本人太興奮 所以我好像是10點就起床了. 左準備 右準備, 12點左右才出門
路途中 拍拍拍

去了阿嫲家 然後在到二伯娘的家 然後在到表姐家. 到表姐家時 開始有點捆了 哈哈
這是表姐家樓下的遊樂場 又是拍拍拍

童年表姐 君君 ❤

年初一的穿著, 配上可愛的紅襪  類似連身裙的長外套 是媽咪在澳洲買給我的 ❤

姑姐和表姐面 ❤

可愛的俞瑜 ❤

君說這角度漂亮 所以拍下來了 如何?

晚上和brother sister看電影 I ♥ HongKong. 本來都很感謝龍記爸爸安排的一切 怎知他擺烏龍 ( ╯0╰ ) 哈哈  他撥電話告訴我說 "我跟你說一個很好笑的壞消息"  原來他訂了前一天的戲票. 不過還好我們還趕得及看最晚一場的半夜場 :D

美美 我 恰琪 ♥

Nic 他其實是還沒準備好的pose 不過不錯啦 哈哈

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