Saturday, February 19, 2011


Yesterday night went to watch Burlesque movie. And now I was addicted with it! I keep on recall the story in the movie, the dancing part, the funny part and the part that Christina was singing. The movie was awesome! Storyline was good! Songs all are great! And Christina Aguilera was totally look gorgeous in the movie! I wish to watch again or again?
Some picture in Burlesque movie.

Girls, you will love him in the movie :)

So ya, when I went back from the movie, I straight online and download all the songs that appear in burlesque movie. Let's enjoy ;D

Something's Got A Hold On Me

Welcome to Burlesque

Tough Lover

But I am a Good Girl

A Guy What Takes His Time


Haven't Seen The Last Of Me   ♥ this

Bound To You   ♥ this

Show Me How You Burlesque   

The Beautiful People

153Lives a life of peace

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