Sunday, November 29, 2009

Movie and Movie

28th Nov 09

Yesterday went to watch The Twilight Saga New Moon. Before that went to Shabu One have our dinner, it's located at Lot10 a steamboat buffet. Didn't eat well cause we're rushing to the movie..too bad!
Okay, the twilight saga new moon. Edward Cullen is so attract me in the movie! And Bella Swan is so comely, and I love Mary Alice :) Honestly I prefer the 1st one cause it's more interest than the second one.. anyway I'm waiting the third release when huh??

And last week watched 2012
Overall it's a damn nice movie, but if it shoot more buildings collapse will more nicer?? I'll be the lucky one to alive to the new 0001 years?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sammi Cheng 鄭秀文

Omg Omg Omg!! I need shout out many many OMG!! Because sammi cheng is back to music life. Yeah, I need to mention again I love her since I'm still 6year old. It's hard to believe right?HAHAHA
I'm waiting her for a long time...and now finally!!NEW SONG COMING :)

鄭秀文(Sammi)今年年尾將推出她的首張福音大碟《信FAITH》,新碟音樂風格依然以流行曲為主流,以歌詞帶出Sammi想表達及分享的信息,希望有更多人從中得到啟發及反思。Sammi將參與MOOV Live的演出,將她未出街的大碟帶到現場與樂迷率先分享,并同時請來人山人海樂隊合作,實行近距離將自己最深刻的感受及希望傳達的信息在歌曲中與在場樂迷分享。

02.罪與罰 (with 24 Herbs)
04.信者得愛 (with MC仁)
06.Forgiveness (with 24 Herbs)
10.Forgiveness (with 陳奐仁)
11.Killing me softly with this song (with 陳奐仁)




Is waiting for other mv release...

Janice Man文詠珊新歌推薦《Man》

Janice Man文詠珊新歌推薦《Man》CD版。連續4場《Dream Wedding LeonLive 2009》7月16日于紅館開鑼,向來鮮有請表演嘉賓的黎明,這次不惜借用自己的舞臺讓新羅致旗下的模特Janice Man在臺上曝光!Janice身穿高叉旗袍,以新娘子造型亮相,首先單獨表演由雷頌德為她度身訂造的新歌《MAN》,為Leon伴舞期間,更獲Leon主動拉手,加上日前在報章登全版廣告歡迎她加盟旗下,令她身價急升,極速脫離嫩模行列。



I don’t need a man

I don’t need a man
Com’on 跳起來

*但是被指为抄袭wonder girls的Nobody,不过的确是-.-*

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Please don't look down on the word of FAMILY. Although the family is a very meaningful word for us, when the letters been separated, it's becomes more meaningful! Let's see...

It's meaning of father and mother i love you. Omg how thouching it will be. When I know that, I was pleasantly surprised. I was thinking it's because the sentence "father and mother i love you" therefore they create a word of family, or because Family this word then people separated it to a meaningful sentence. Whatever I hope you guy will get surprice when you see this :)
Random post. xoxo

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


21st Nov 09
Woke up early in the morning to be my cousin sister's Ji Mui. A bit strange because we don't know the bridegroom's there is not fun to fool them. And they truned around to deceive us -.-'' DAMN!!
So around 1ish I get back home, after remove my make up and took a nap..damn tired plus need to charge full the battery for the next round wedding dinner.
Woke up again and dress up myself, daddy came to pick me up around 6something.. and guess what? Me and daddy are the first arrived there -.-'' Almost 9pm start the dinner..damn hungry man!

see! how early we're! -.-''

miss the darlings so much!

Man Man x Kei Kei x Jun Jun
we have a lot of childhood memories :)

Congratulations to my cousin sister Choi Yee once again! :D

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rum Boutique Reopening

10th Nov 09
The next day after came back from penang , attended Rum Boutique Reopening at Time Square 6th floor.
Woke up early in the morning, vincent came to pick me up around 12ish and off to TS. When we reached it was start.. quite a lot people there.

Before going out :)

okay, some photo taking at rum...

Love Cheki so much!

After the party end some of us went to bbplaza, Bunny wanted to do her nails.

max's son

JD's cam.

Night dinner at Gilly Cafe.. steamboat again! Had a great day, but really tiring!
Congratulation to Ranson@Rum Boutique Reopening once again :)


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happ 21st Birthday To Baby QL! ♥

6th November 09, Thurday
Baby QL's big day! His 21st birthday! :D
In the afternoon I with him went to the pasar to get the food that we need. Honestly I was the first time buy foods at pasar HAHA! After finish we went to drink COCO :) I love the drink so much! Actually the flavor is just same as chocolate.
Around 6something we start to dress up ourselves, 9ish went to baby's old house and prepare the food. 10pm we start the celebration :)

A very simple cake *sorry I didn't prepare it*

he's very paiseh actually.... -.-

Is missing something?? YES! Is me and ql photo! Too bad :(
Happy birthday to you once again ! Hope you had a memorably night..I love you baby QL!
And the happier is we are together for half year :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


1st Nov 09 Sunday
Followed ql and slippers back to penang and stay there for 1 week again! Tee hee...
Monday at night last minute we decided to go to gurney for movie, luckily we're still catch upwith it! Poker King! Rating for 3.5star :)
Tuesday went to prangin mall but I can't get any new stuff *sad*
Wednesday went to RED afterward planed to SOI or MOIS, but end up failed. And I remenber we argue! you still have 35mark LOL
Thurday went to RED again, before going there me and baby went to Tesco to get some food for his birthday's celebration steamboat!

Okay, my next post will be his birthday post!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


31st Oct 09
Lai and Bee celerate their birthday at Time Square Hotel!

Nice Cake!

OMG! It's so cute!

Sei Ivan -.-


Girls :)

Not really enjoy that night seriously.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fianlly she got the She Wolf MV!!


I need her new album all the songs!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday To Moi! ♥

28th Oct 09
A very simple celebration, dinner at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant at Chulan Square.
Fianlly I'm legally 18th now!
For sure start from now I'm thinking how long I have to wait to be 21st?? As liza wrote at her blog..HAHA!! 3 more years @@
On that day me and bro off to chulan square to meet up them around 8ish. And finally I saw my baby! I miss him so much! 1month didn't see each other!
Okay, after got the seats then we order the food..order quite long time huh?LOL

the first pic! me and baby QL!

baobei liza ♥ moi

my order came!

wondering why wanna write from botak?? LOL

I'm 18th not 2nd @@

with the sweeties girls

Brother U!

Maddy 153


Look great in the pic!

Afterward me,ql and mt bro went to green box! Although there're just three of us, however we still enjoy it! :D
the present from babe maddy! LOVE IT

back home around 3something!

29th Oct 09
Off to pavilion around 7ish, went to Carlos to have our dinner!
Omg, this spicy seafood soup taste is good!

I love oyster so much!

Okay, that's my 18th birthday..a simple celebration and simple spent! But I enjoy it so much!
Thanks for who coming my birthday dinner and thanks for the wishing
Thanks babe maddy's present and baobei liza's ang pao, I get 2 pair of shoes! :D
And thanks baby QL present me a purse! I love it so much Finally I get it! MWAH!