Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Miss Yellow In KL.

Dj Miss Yellow in KL Mist Club.
If you've always watch the hong kong tv series you should know who is she. She's 黃泆潼 a.k.a Miss Yellow, she's an actress and also a DJ. She always act like a gossip girl in the drama but she's so cool when she's doing her DJ job. It's entirely two different people!

Lets back to the party! I was drunk that night OMG! Thanks HUNA take care of me HAHA!
Samie & Nana

Okay I'm really drunk @@

Bumped into PY! She was drunk than me -.-

Juwei Toeh



Lets see her cool style :)

Which DJ is the next coming to kl? Steve aoki again?! 12 wootz wootz!
Stay tune :)

153Live a life of peace*kisses

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