Saturday, April 2, 2011


11st March 2011
That night was plan to celebrate Howe's 21st birthday. They're planing where to celebrate, since DJ Blink, Xu and Goldfish are came over to penang here and spinning at MOIS, so decision made :)

After prepare, me! Top from Hong Kong ;)

Everyone said I looks LC before they knew me! Is it true??! More than five friends told me when they knew me :( I'm so friendly okayy..
Are you the one who thinking that?

Party start! Not much picture we taking, cause it was so pack that night.

That night I was TOTALLY DRUNK! The first time I tried, totally lose myself. And I lost my ring that I bought in HK's H&M, SAD! And! Boyfriend was so angry that night >.< I swear I will not be like that for the second time! Only once, that's enough! Fortunately I still can walk myself to the carpark :p
The next day I woke up I still feeling not well and still vomit with nothing out -.-

153Lives a life of peace

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